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Language skills on resumes are impressive, but hard to prove. We can help.

We not only verify testers' ability to use grammar and vocabulary correctly, but also simulate conversational and business dialogues in the target language. The result is a dependable benchmark for quantifying the range of your employees' communication skills in foreign languages - before they start representing your company.

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test new students for language placement

Elementary, Middle, High Schools

Avoid the first day of school shuffle.

International students, ESL families, out-of-district transfers... there are many reasons to assess students before scheduling them into language classes. Avoid transcript issues and home survey accuracy shortfalls - LingoTesting incoming students provides a clean, objective approach to language placement.

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language testing to prove ability

Universities and Colleges

Higher Education, Higher Expectations

With higher enrollments and diverse student backgrounds, colleges and universities need to tailor their classes more than ever before. Keep native speakers out of beginner classes and vice versa by setting up a LingoTest as part of New Student Orientation, or as needed throughout the school year.

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Grading options:

read in foreign language easy book

We test, we grade.

LingoTest doesn't grade test-takers by a one-size fits all automatic assessment. We employ real, live language professionals to grade the writing and oral sections of each test. Your test takers get personal analysis from start to finish.

This is the default option for LingoTests.

Design your test

rubrics for language proficiency testing

We test, you grade.

We provide rubrics so that schools and businesses can have their own teachers and/or staff grade the writing and oral portions of the test (multiple choice questions are graded automatically), resulting in the same standardized results with direct input from your personnel - and savings for the institution of up to 40%.

Design your test

Test Specs

cheap proofreading

While the composition percentages stay the same for both options (with the exception of custom tests, which are built to order), the number of questions changes:

regular vs extended tests

language testing

More options


Choose Questions

We can incorporate your own specific questions in multiple choice, written, or audio sections. You can decide what's asked for the entire test, or include questions to be supplemented by LingoTest questions.


Choose by Sector

We can tailor your test to gauge fluency in specific domains, such as construction or office administration.


Choose what Counts

If written communication is crucial for your organization, your test can reflect a higher weight percentage for that or any portion of the test. Sliding grading scales ensure that results reflect what's important to you.


Choose the Pros

We employ real, live language professionals to design the test. They also grade the writing and oral sections of each test. Your test takers get one-on-one personal analysis from start to finish.

Design your Test

Prices reflect standard and extended default tests only. Prices for customized tests may be quoted individually upon request.

A non-discountable $40 set-up fee is included in the price calculation. Set-up sessions with our experts guarantee that your needs will be met in the scope of your operating schedule and resources.

* Institutions that grade their own exams receive a 40% discount. Grading access is limited to a one-month window after the final test is taken.

** We love schools! Educational institutions (K-12 and higher education schools only) receive an additional 30% off of the testing price (set up fee remains so we can ensure a smooth test taking experience).

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